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Fribbles und Kretts

2014-09-22 03:02:30 by TheElSalvador

Chim chim charoo min gooberty dus. Ghla ghla ghla yaha. Eho moi tu por disen. 2192156_141136929022_SKETCH9.png

King of (a very tiny subsection of) the portal!

2012-02-05 17:14:53 by TheElSalvador

Just had to gloat about my musical prowess. I have just reached #1 in the Ambient section of the audio portal.

The secret to my genius? Make random, yet consistent noises on my cheap little second hand viola and layer up some delay and other various technowizardy stuff.

King of (a very tiny subsection of) the portal!

So I built a game using a generic framework with .as files. I can upload the .swf just fine but the mp3 files cannot load. Is there a way I can URLRequest the pages that the songs are on (they're all in the audio portal.)? I have only used local mp3 files thus far so I guess I'm not sure what is possible when loading from a URL.

Basically it looks something like this(focusing on the sounds only)

private var sc:SoundChannel;

private function addGameScreen():void {
var gameTune:Sound = new Sound(new URLRequest("gameTune.mp3"));, 99);
blah blah
blah blah

Can I do something to the addGameScreen function to make it load from the audio portal or is that beyond the realm of possibility?

(Basic framework of the game just in case it matters):
-Folder containing the following<
myGame.fla[framework for the game and music control][bulk of the game's code][blah blah][blah blah blah]

I can post my in it's entirety if it helps resolve this.

It's not quite a movie and it's not quite a game. I should have an interactive animation ready by Halloween. It will be my most actionscripty submission yet.

New interactive piece coming up

didn't realize

2011-09-23 12:04:54 by TheElSalvador

I forgot about madness day. Enjoy my earlier madness day submissions for my feelings on the "holiday"(hint: it's pretty much this mixed with a little bit of this topped off with a dab of >.<).

Also, I'm not putting links to them because I'm a dick and you can find them yourselves.

Now go! Beat some horses to death!

nue arte

2010-12-12 20:01:46 by TheElSalvador

Shameless self promotion of hideous art.

unnecessary link 1
unnecessary link 2

Don't look at it. Or do. Or don't. But you probably should.

The Shortest Straw

2010-10-22 04:49:52 by TheElSalvador

Check it out.
"The Shortest Straw"

Brick Frog, bitches!

2010-10-13 21:36:47 by TheElSalvador


Some of you may have seen this instantly loveable character on the recent episode of Venture Brothers. Well I have brought him to life... kind of. Ok, so it was just some coding I just learned put to the test. It's pretty terrible but it's my first all actionscript/no-timeline animation. It opens the door to new possibilities, like actual games.

... now I want to make one based on Hypnotoad.


step by step7

2009-06-04 00:20:50 by TheElSalvador

Now with added effects.

step by step7

step by step6

2009-06-03 21:01:45 by TheElSalvador

A little more shading. Pseudo background in place for now.

step by step6